Building the Target

The following topic applies to Xcode*.

A single project can contain multiple targets. The active target determines how your project is built. This topic describes how to build the target using the Xcode* IDE and documents the build steps using the xcodebuild command line utility.


Starting with the 19.0 release of the Intel® C++ Compiler, macOS* 32-bit applications are no longer supported. If you want to compile 32-bit applications, you must use an earlier version of the compiler and you must use Xcode* 9.4 or earlier.

Building Using the Xcode* IDE

  1. Select the target in the project editor under Targets.
  2. Select Product > Build.
  3. To view the results of your build, click the Log Navigator button.

You can change the compilation order of the files in an Xcode* target. To re-order the files listed under a target's Compile Sources, click a source file and drag it before, or after other compilations.

Building From the Command Line Using the xcodebuild Utility

You can use the xcodebuild utility to build a target. This utility uses the Xcode* project settings to build target projects from the command line. If you have previously configured your Xcode* project to build with the Intel compiler, xcodebuild invokes it from the command line.

To build from the command line:

  1. Check that the Xcode* project is configured to use the Intel® C++ Compiler.
  2. Launch a terminal window from the finder by selecting Applications > Utilities > Terminal .
  3. Change directories to the directory containing the Xcode* project file (.xcodeproj).
  4. If you have multiple versions of Xcode*, use the xcode-select utility to verify the current Xcode* version.
  5. Issue an xcodebuild command. For example:
    xcodebuild -project HelloWorld.xcodeproj -target HelloWorld -configuration Debug
  6. Run the program built in the example from the previous step by entering the following:

For more information, refer to the xcodebuild man page.

Setting the Executable's Architecture

Before building a 64-bit executable from within Xcode*, you may need to edit the executable's target architecture. To change the Architectures setting:

  1. Click the target you want to change in the project editor under Targets and select the Build Settings tab.
  2. Under Architectures, select the desired architecture.


The Intel® C++ Compiler generates code solely for Intel® architectures.
For more complete information about compiler optimizations, see our Optimization Notice.