Adding a User Kernels Library to the Project

When new OpenVX* project is created, all the available kernels for the selected OpenVX* runtime are enumerated in the Kernels List Window. More kernels can be added to this window and then instantiated in the graph by adding a user kernels library to the project.

Refer to the Creating a New OpenVX* Kernel Project paragraph for more details about development of a user kernel library.

To add an existing user kernel library to the project

  • Copy the user kernel library into the user_kernels folder in the project area
  • Click the Refresh () button in the Graph Designer toolbar
  • Look for the new kernels in the Kernels List Window.

When the new kernels appears in the Kernels List Window, they are displayed in the graph like other kernels. Refer to the Adding a New Kernel Instance paragraph for more details.

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