Affinity Selection

Prior to executing a graph, there is an option to set an affinity for a node from a set of affinities available by the runtime on a certain machine. To set affinity for a node, click the node and locate the Affinity property in the right side panel. Chose the desired mode from the property drop down menu:

The list of supported target devices is loaded automatically by VAD. A target device must be properly installed and enabled in the OpenVX* runtime to be allowed for the selection. The Default value indicates that VAD will not set the affinity property explicitly and the target device will be controlled by the OpenVX runtime.

NOTE: VAD allows assigning a supported target to any kernel, except for the kernels from org.khronos.openvx-debug and namespaces. This might lead to graph processing errors if a kernel does not have an implementation on assigned target device. To avoid such errors in a heterogeneous environment, please refer OpenVX* runtime documentation.


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