Debug Dumps

VAD may create raw data dump files for each output port of every node. The dump of each port consists from raw output data, and in case of image output port there will be created an additional  .bmp file which will contain representation* of the raw data that was dumped for this port.

In order to enable the debug dump option, click on the Configuration button () .

The following dialog comes up:

  1. Check the Save intermediate node outputs to disk checkbox.
  2. Use Browse or specify manually the path to existing and writable folder. This folder will contain folders of dump files, where each folder will be created for every graph and named similar to the name of the graph.

From now on with every execution of the graph, dump files will be created inside the folder named after the name of the graph. The folder will be located in the "Dump to:" path.

If the folder does not exist, for example when the graph executed for the first time with debug dump enabled, it will be created. If it is not the first run, and the folder already exists, the contents of the folder will be overwritten with the new dump after execution.

In order to disable the debug dump option, open the dialog again, uncheck the option "Save intermediate node outputs to disk" and click "OK". The last valid path of dump location will be saved in the "Dump to:" text box.

The .BMP color representation of the formats will be as follows:

  • RGB, RGBX - 24 and 32 Bit respectively
  • All other formats - 8 Bit Grayscale

Filename convention is the following:

Image type dump:

%depth of the node in the graph%-%image format%-%resolution%-%node name%-%port id%

Array and scalar type dump:

%depth of the node in the graph%-%"vx_scalar/array"%-%node name%-%port id%

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