Parameter properties propagation

Formulas propagation rules

This feature allows you to define a propagation rule for specific properties in a kernel. To create a propogation rule, edit vadconfig/OpenVX/1.1/KernelsParameters.xml:

  1. To create a propogation rule which copy all properties of a specific port to another port change the ParameterPropagatopn attribute. In this example all properties of port #0 will be copied to port #1:

  2. To create a formula based propagation rule for a specific propert such as “Width” and “Height”  change the Formula entry. In this example the Width and the Height properties of port #0 will be devided by 2 and used for the Width and the Height of port #1:

Use the following format to define parameters in a formula: 'p' + <parameter_index> + <parameter_name>. For example: p0Width, p1Height.

You can define the default formula using the expression: Formula="<formula>".

You can also edit formulas using the GUI:


To find more formula examples, see the ExprTk page.


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