Running a Graph

In order to run an OpenVX* graph, the graph must be validated first.

There are two options for validating and running a graph with the OpenVX* application development plug-in for Eclipse:

  • Run the host application that executes the graph. Use this option to run graphs that cannot be executed without running the host application. For example, when the host application creates the inputs for the graph.
  • Run the graph in a standalone mode without executing the host application. Use this option when the graph contains all the required data to be executed by himself. For example, when the graph uses fread_image kernels for reading images from the disk. In this case, if you do not want to run the application to debug the graph, you can run and debug the graph from the Graph Designer in a standalone mode.

Running a Graph as part of the Host Application Execution

To run a graph as part of the application execution, simply build the project in Eclipse (by selecting Project -> Build Project) and run the application.

Running a Graph as a Standalone Graph

When running a graph in a standalone mode the application is not executed. Generally, the application might not exist. The only file that should be exist is the graphml file.

To run graph in a standalone mode:

  • Make sure that all inputs for the graph are initialized. If necessary, use the following kernels at the beginning of the graph to read the inputs from the disk:
    • File read image
    • File read array
    • File read image from Intel MDData (
    • File read Intel MDData (
    • Grab Image From File (
    • Grab Image From Camera (
  • Click the Validate () button from the Graph Designer Toolbar to validate the graph
  • When validation is passed, click the Run ( ) button from the Graph Designer Toolbar to execute the graph.

For graphs where the source (input) node generates different output on each iteration (for example, when using Grab Image From File or Grab Image From Camera) there is an option to run the graph in loop:

  • Click the Validate () button in the Graph Designer Toolbar to validate the graph.
  • Click the Run in Loop ( ) button in the Graph Designer Toolbar to run the graph.
  • Click the Stop () button in the Graph Designer Toolbar to stop the execution of the graph.
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