Setting Up the VAD Plugin for Eclipse*

To setup Eclipse to work with OpenVX* application development plug-in:

  1. Close any instance of Eclipse
  2. Copy vad_eclipse_plugin_1.0.0.1.jar located in VAD directory into the Eclipse’s dropins directory
  3. Set environment variable VAD_DIRECTORY to absolute path of VAD directory
  4. Set environment variable OPENVX_FOLDER to absolute of the OpenVX install directory (which contains the include and lib directories)
  5. Set environment variable OPENCV_FOLDER to absolute path of the OpenCV install directory
  6. Set environment variable LD_LIBRARY_PATH to $OPENVX_FOLDER/lib
  7. Open Eclipse

NOTE: The VAD plugin is supported on either Eclipse IDE for C/C++ Development or any Eclipse IDE with all required C/C++ development plugins.

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