Timeline Charts Tab

NOTE: Timeline Charts tab uses Intel® extension API which is available in the Intel® CV SDK Runtime only. In other environments, the tab is hidden and appropriate warning is shown in the Debug Output tab.

The Timeline Charts tab shows the runtime-specific performance information inside a timeline, defined by the performance plugin. This data is collected by a dedicated plugin that communicates with a specific runtime API and collects the data. If performance API is supported by the runtime, the performance data is automatically presented as shown in the image:

The Timeline Charts tab has two views: Node view and Device view. You can change between the views using the Group by drop-down menu:

  • Node view - Shows the OpenVX* nodes and their execution in tiles along the running duration of each tile on a specific core/device. Selecting each node in the canvas or in the hierarchical view highlights its matching tile executions. The legend is shown in the Hierarchical View tab.
  • Device view - Shows which OpenVX node ran on a certain core/device and how many devices were active during the graph run.
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