Intel® Data Center Manager Console

Energy Efficiency and Power Management
Gain Control of Data Center Power

Intel® Data Center Manager Console

Intel® Data Center Manager Console (Intel® DCM Console) provides real-time and historical information on IT device power consumption and thermal telemetry readings, which supplies data center managers and IT enterprise professionals actionable data for better decision making.

The console's intuitive design and focus on data center processes, such as Capacity Planning, Identification of Underutilized Servers, Cooling Analysis, and Business Continuity Planning, facilitates operational work and provides a platform for facilities and IT professionals to assess energy consumption — the fastest growing cost element in the data center.

The console also provides proactive power-capping capability across various IT devices, as well as reactive altering mechanisms to notify operations of data center hot spots and unplanned over-consumption of IT device power.

The Intel® DCM Console provides crucial data to drive better data center and IT processes.

60 Day Trial

Designed for small and medium businesses, licenses are available in 10, 25, 50, and 100 size packages from Intel authorized distributors.