FAQ | Deep Learning Training Tool

Deep Learning Training Tool Beta from Intel

Jump-start your deep learning applications quickly and easily.

  • Visually set up, tune, and run deep learning algorithms
  • Simplify installation of popular deep learning frameworks, optimized for platforms from Intel
What are the target hardware and operating systems for the training tool?
Your local network needs a machine with either an Intel® Xeon® processor or Intel® Core™ i7 processor that is running an Ubuntu* operating system, CentOS*, or macOS*. Set up and tool access can be done on a Windows* or macOS* host through a Google Chrome* browser.
Do I need a specific license to use the tool?
No. The beta training tool is free. No special license is needed with the optimized frameworks from Intel and libraries that are installed with the tool.
What is the difference between the Deep Learning Training Tool Beta and the Intel® Computer Vision SDK?
The training tool is a free application for data scientists, researchers, and software developers to develop and train deep learning solutions. Intel® Computer Vision SDK (Intel® CV SDK) is based on OpenVX* for platforms from Intel. It enables developers to harness the performance of Intel computer vision accelerators using the intuitive Vision Algorithm Designer. If you are creating deep learning solutions around computer vision, Intel CV SDK now contains the Deep Learning Deployment Toolkit that was formerly available in the Intel® Deep Learning SDK.

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