Using the Installation Script

To install the Deployment Tool using the installation script, run  and follow the instructions: [options]

The following options are available:

-h, --help - print help message

-v, --version - print version information

-s, --silent [FILE] - run setup silently, with settings in the configuration file

-d, --duplicate [FILE] - run setup interactively, record the user input into the configuration file

-l, --lang - set user interface language

-t, --tmp-dir [DIRECTORY] - set custom temporary folder

-D, --download-dir [DIRECTORY] - set custom download folder

--user-mode - run setup with current user privileges

--ignore-signature - skip signature validation

--ignore-cpu - skip CPU model check

--nonrpm-db-dir [DIRECTORY] - set directory to store product installation database

--SHARED_INSTALL - install to a network-mounted drive or shared file system for multiple users

For more complete information about compiler optimizations, see our Optimization Notice.