Programming Guide

This chapter describes the concepts used in programming the SDK.

The application must use the include file, mfxvideo.h (for C programming), or mfxvideo++.h (for C++ programming), and link the SDK static dispatcher library, libmfx.lib or libmfx.a. If the application is written in C then libstdc++.a library should also be linked.

Text Box: Include these files: #include “mfxvideo.h” /* The SDK include file */ #include “mfxvideo++.h” /* Optional for C++ development */ Link this library: libmfx.lib /* The SDK static dispatcher library */ or libmfx.a /* The SDK static dispatcher library */

On Linux* there is slight difference between using dispatcher library from executable module or from shared object. To mitigate symbol conflict between itself and SDK shared object on Linux*, application should:

1.    link against dispatch_shared.a instead of libmfx.a

2.    define MFX_DISPATCHER_EXPOSED_PREFIX before any SDK includes


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