Intel® Software Guard Extensions (Intel® SGX) Web-Based Training

This web-based training class is designed for software developers who wish to learn the fundamentals of building Intel® SGX applications. Through a series of videos, sample code, and lab exercises, the developer will learn key concepts around the Intel SGX technology and writing Intel SGX application development. Developers will learn how to:

  • design and build enclaves
  • interact with enclaves
  • maintain state across power events and application restarts
  • debug enclaves

This course was developed in conjunction with Prowess Consulting.


To get the most out of the class, software developers will require:

Course Content

Each part of the course covers a separate topic in Intel SGX application development, and most include labs. The Intel SGX Web Training Hands-on Lab Manual will step you through the various exercises.

Part 1: Introduction to Intel SGX and Detecting and Enabling Intel SGX

Part 2: Introduction to Intel SGX applications

Part 3: Sample application overview

Part 4: Fundamentals of the Enclave Definition Language

Part 5: Advanced topics in the Enclave Definition Language

Part 6: Debugging Intel SGX applications

Part 7: Data sealing

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