OpenVINO™ Toolkit Enables an All-in-One System for Developing AI Solutions for Healthcare

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From fighting crime to fighting disease, AI is helping create a more automated, data-driven world with beneficial outcomes for people everywhere. Advanced image analysis and computer vision, a key component of this AI revolution, is becoming more and more critical for a wide range of industry applications, including healthcare, where this technology is being used to detect anomalies and improve patient care. Due to a lack of integrated tools and experience with these cutting-edge technologies, however, deploying complete systems is difficult—so Intel and QNAP/IEI are working together to make it easier. Together, Intel and QNAP/IEI have come up with a solution that offers developers, data scientists, medical researchers, and students a quick-to-deploy computer vision system combining a workstation, deep learning software development kit (Intel® Distribution of OpenVINO™ toolkit), and powerful NAS.

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