Parallel Universe Magazine - Issue 10, June 2012

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  • Letter from the Editor: The Performance Opportunity: How to Achieve it—from Clusters to Devices, by James Reinders
  • Help Future-Proof Performance of Your Application with Vectorization in Six Steps, by Wendy Doerner and Shannon Cepeda
    Vectorization is a key form of hardware support for data parallelism, allowing you to process data in parallel within a single CPU core. It can provide a significant performance boost, and also be combined with threading and/or cluster parallelism.
  • Pockets of Parallel Computation, Fitting in Your Pocket​, by Robert Mueller, Noah Clemons, and Paul Fischer
    Employing performance library functions in applications running on small form factor devices can be a great way to streamline and unify the computational execution flow for data-intensive tasks. This article examines the Intel® Integrated Performance Primitives landscape for the Intel Atom® processor.
  • Tools that Boost .NET Apps’ Reliability and Performance, by Levent Akyil and Asaf Yaffe
    Read about the capabilities of the latest software tools for developers of .NET* code, native code, and “mixed” (.NET and native) applications during the development cycle.

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