Parallel Universe Magazine - Issue 25, June 2016

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  • Letter from the Editor: Democratization of HPC, by James Reiders
    James Reinders, an expert on parallel programming, is coauthor of the new Intel® Xeon Phi™ Processor High Performance Programming—Knights Landing Edition.
  • Supercharging Python* with Intel and Anaconda* for Open Data Science, by Travis Oliphant
    The technologies that promise to tackle Big Data challenges.
  • Getting Your Python* Code to Run Faster Using Intel® VTune™ Amplifier XE, by Kevin O’Leary
    Providing line-level profiling information with very low overhead.
  • Parallel Programming with Intel® MPI Library in Python*, by Artem Ryabov and Alexey Malhanov
    Guidelines and tools for improving performance.
  • The Other Side of the Chip, by Robert Ioffe
    Using Intel® Processor Graphics for Compute with OpenCL™.
  • A Runtime-Generated Fast Fourier Transform for Intel® Processor Graphics, by Dan Petre, Adam T. Lake, and Allen Hux
    Optimizing FFT without increasing complexity.
  • Indirect Calls and Virtual Functions Calls: Vectorization with Intel® C/C++ 17.0 Compilers, by Hideki Saito, Serge Preis, Sergey Kozhukhov, Xinmin Tian, Clark Nelson, Jennifer Yu, Sergey Maslov, and Udit Patidar
    The newest Intel® C++ Compiler introduces support for indirectly calling a SIMD-enabled function in a vectorized fashion.
  • Optimizing an Illegal Image Filter System, by Yueqiang Lu, Ying Hu, and Huaqiang Wang
    Tencent doubles the speed of its illegal image filter system using a SIMD instruction set and Intel® Integrated Performance Primitives.

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