Parallel Universe Magazine - Issue 3, June 2010

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  • Letter from the Editor: Parallelism Full Steam Ahead!, by James Reinders
    James Reinders, lead evangelist and director of Intel® Software Development Products, explains how recent industry and product developments have positioned parallelism to take off full throttle.


  • Enhancing Productivity and Achieving High Performance with Intel® Cluster Toolkit Compiler Edition, by Bill Magro
    Message-passing interface applications port seamlessly from dual-core desktops to multithousand server clusters, a key advantage of distributed memory parallelism.


  • Increase Productivity and Performance: Find out What IncrediBuild* and Intel® Parallel Composer Can Offer, by Jennifer Jiang and Uri Mishol
    Software companies use many software development methodologies, but none eliminate the need for building, testing, and tuning individual components or the whole application.


  • Optimizations for MSC.Software SimXpert* Using Intel® Threading Building Blocks, by Kathy Carver, Mark Lubin, and Bonnie Aona
    To address increasing customer model sizes and align with the multicore processor roadmaps for hardware vendors,* engaged with Intel to thread simXpert*.

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