Energy Analysis User Guide

Use energy analysis to collect metrics that can be used to identify system behaviors that waste energy. There are three main workflows to choose from for power analysis:

  • Run remote collection on a Linux* or Android* target system and visualize results using a Linux or Windows* host systems with the energy analysis Eclipse* plug-in available with Intel® System Studio.

  • Run a collection directly on a Windows, Linux, or Android target system using the Intel® SoC Watch command line tool and then view a CSV-formatted summary report to learn if energy consumption problems exist and what is contributing to them.

  • Run a collection and then import the results to Intel® VTune™ Amplifier for visualization using its standard filter and zoom capabilities for a detailed inspection of energy consumption behavior over time.

The energy analysis Eclipse plug-in, Intel VTune Amplifier, and Intel SoC Watch are available as part of Intel System Studio.

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