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The world of Enterprise Business utilizes a wide array of software, computing platforms, networks and communication technologies to run their business. Software applications targeting Enterprise Business can be designed to work on a single platform technology or utilize several platforms. Leading software developers design their applications to run on the latest technology to be innovative and competitive in this fast changing world. Whether it is the new Ultrabook™ platform, multi-processor servers, workstations, tablets or mobile phones, Intel has the technology platform and the developer tools and resources for innovative Enterprise Business software development.

Learn more about the latest Intel platforms and how these technologies can help you provide innovative applications to your enterprise clients. Connect to the Intel platform developer community to access a wide array of developer tools and resources to help deliver innovative and high performing applications.

Ultrabook™ Developer Community Slim, sleek, powerful, yet power-efficient, this latest mobile platform will have plenty of opportunities for Enterprise Business Software developers to differentiate.
Android App on Intel® Architecture Developer Community When you optimize your app for Android on the Intel Architecture platform, you are opening the door to a new world of opportunities. Harness the power and performance of the platform and deliver a whole new generation of apps to mobile users.
Server Developer Community Optimize your Enterprise targeted business software for data center, cloud, and high performance computing through technical articles, forums, and tools.
Intel vPro™ Developer Community Develop IT manageability and security software unlocking the detect, repair and protect capabilities of Intel® vPro™ Technology. Gain access to the tools, technical information and industry expert support.
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Ultrabook™ Developers:

  • Ultra Excitement for Ultrabook
    A new technology, a new opportunity for software developers – Ultrabooks. Discover the Ultrabook form factor, market segment and developer opportunities
  • Ultrabook™ and the Intel® Energy Checker SDK
    Make your Ultrabook™ apps green and reduce energy consumption. Tthe Intel® Energy Checker SDK can be used to instrument an app and collect data to help a developer pinpoint power hungry features that can be optimized for power.

Android Developers:

  • Android* 3.2 on Intel® Architecture
    Android* 3.2 is the latest platform version of the Google* Operating System for Android* tablet devices. Released to developers in SDK form February 2011, this is the third release of the 3.X series of the platform.
  • Installing the Android* SDK for Intel® Architecture
    Review the process of installing the SDK and setting up the development environments for developing applications running on Intel® Architecture-based Android* devices.

Server Developers:

vPro™ Developers:

What’s New for Enterprise Business Software Development?

Download the Latest Intel® AMT Open Source Drivers
Intel® Active Management Technology (Intel® AMT) Linux support includes two components that allow interaction between the Intel® AMT FW and the Linux OS.

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