Compiler, Architecture and Tools Conference (CATC) 2016

When: Sep 15, 2016
Where: Haifa, Israel
Type: Conference

HiPEACThe interaction among advanced compilation techniques, modern processor and computing architectures, and associated tools continues to face new challenges and opportunities. Traditional demands to increase performance, reduce power consumption, and reduce time to market now apply to heterogeneous, virtualized and diverse user-experience environments. Extensive data and task parallelism are being exposed by new programming environments such as Halide, Swift, and OpenMP version 4.0, relying on innovative architectures, compilers, binary translation and runtime tools. This workshop will focus on these exciting new directions and how they are influencing the architecture and compilation domain. The workshop will be held in a format similar to that held last year leaving time for networking and presentations.

The main focus of this workshop is the interaction of compiler technologies, processor and computing architectures, and tools to address the latest programming environments and demands. The topics of interest for this workshop include, but are not limited to:

  • Compilers, runtime and tools for modern server, client, mobile and embedded systems
  • Compiler/hardware support for hiding memory and I/O latencies
  • Compilation to hardware
  • Dynamic translation and optimization
  • Heterogeneous architectures and computational models
  • GPU, accelerator and coprocessor architectures
  • Power/Performance/Monitoring tools for application behavior understanding
  • Optimizations for parallel programs, algorithms and applications

Abstract Submissions

Authors should submit an abstract of their contributions by email to Gadi Haber ( Submissions must include an abstract of 100 to 300 words, along with contact information. Authors are encouraged to provide related documents with additional details on their research work, such as an extended abstract, paper, and/or links. Abstracts, and eventually presentations, will be provided online at the conference webpage. The conference does not include proceedings; however, with author approval, papers may appear online and extended versions of the best papers may be included in a special issue of the International Journal of Parallel Programming (IJPP). In addition, authors may submit papers recently presented in (or accepted to) top-tier conferences in the areas of interest.

Invited Speakers

We are delighted to host Prof. Adve Vikram from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign as our keynote speaker.

Important Dates

Paper submission deadline (extended) July 11, 2016
Author notification July 20, 2016
Conference date September 15, 2016

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