Google i/o

When: May 28 - May 29
Where: San Francisco, CA, United States
Type: Conference

Intel® Software is hosting a Developer Networking event May 27, Day 0 of Google I/O. We will be mingling with Google Developer Experts and Android developers and showcasing amazing experiences on Android.

The evening will feature Justin Lassen live composing and playing music using Stagelight* on Android devices. Demos from two Intel® Software Innovators will be: Gregor Biswanger showing XCardboard, a hybrid app for Google's Cardboard based on Apache Cordova developed with the Intel® XDK; and Eskil Steenberg performing a live coding session with procedurally-generated graphics for Android, building an interactive toy application to grow procedural 3D crystals.

We will also be demoing some of the latest tools, services and hardware from Intel that help speed Android app development including:

  • Virtual App Testing Services (Testdroid) - Ensure your apps run smoothly on Intel Architecture by testing through a virtual testing service. Testdroid will be at the event live demoing its testing service.
  • Intel® INDE Tools Suite – Deliver high performing responsive apps fast with this tool suite.
  • Intel® XDK – Deploy to multiple app stores and devices fast through this all-in-one HTML5 development environment.
  • Intel® HAXM – Speed up emulation on a host machine with this hardware-assisted virtualization engine that uses Intel Virtualization Technology (Intel® VT).
  • Crosswalk Project for a predictable and performant web app experience when deploying on Android 4.0 and above
  • Android* Build Tool Suite mitigates device fragmentation and other issues that impede developers
  • Intel® System Studio for performance analysis streamlines and enhances the developer experience

The networking event is sold out! Follow us on Social Media for updates on Twitter and on Instagram.

Find the resources you need on the Intel® Developer Zone to create amazing new apps and maximize results of Android on Intel® architecture.