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Extending Rights for Users to Address Open Source Compliance Issues

Intel is proud to join open source community efforts in committing to extend GNU General Public License (GPL) terms and give users the opportunity to correct license compliance issues.

As an active member of the open source...

Simics 20 Years News

The Early Days of Simics – An Interview with Bengt Werner

This is close to the 20th birthday of Simics as a commercial product, and in this blog post we take a look back at what happened before Simics went commercial. The product was officially launched in late June 1998. At that point, the code had been...

Cameras Everywhere

Computer Vision Solutions and Privacy-by-Design

These days cameras are ubiquitous - in our smart phones, our cars, homes, and around our cities. And opportunities for computer vision are endless, extending across robotics, retail, healthcare, transportation, and even sustainable agriculture...

Simulation 1 - Intro Diagram Image

Simulation Throughout the Product Life Cycle Accelerates Time-to-Market

Architects and developers rarely start their next generation system development from a blank sheet. Simulation helps drive the product life cycle continuum by connecting the dots between system exploration, software development and validation. ...

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See Intel Simulation Tools at the DAC 2018

The 55th Design Automation Conference (DAC) is coming up in San Francisco on June 24 to 28. Intel will be at the exhibition (June 25 to 27), showing and demonstrating our system modeling and simulation solutions: Intel® CoFluent™...

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What is this Simics “fulprompt,” Anyway?

Non-copyrighted screen capture from YouTube

Every software team has its legends about spectacular mistakes, crazy users, and customer calls with strange questions. This is the story of one such legendary call from the early days of...