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Intel Showcases OpenStack Cloud Momentum at the Sydney Summit

By Melissa Evers-Hood, Intel Open Source Technology Center Last week, in Sydney, Australia, I attended my first OpenStack Summit. As a relative newcomer to this community, I felt compelled to share my thoughts and experiences from the event. There...

Follow-Up: How does Microsoft Windows 10 Use New Instruction Sets?

In my previous blog post “Question: Does Software Actually Use New Instruction Sets?” I looked at the kinds of instructions used by few different Linux* setups, and how each setup was affected by changing the type of the processor it was running...

China Railway Corporation is Named Finalist for the SUPERUSER Award

Image credit: LA Times The China Railway Corporation was named by the SUPERUSER Editorial Advisory Board as a finalist for the SUPERUSER Award to be presented at the OpenStack Sydney Summit, November 6-8, 2017. For public transportation and...

Adobe Max Showcased Vivid Content and the Benefits of CPU Optimization

More than twelve thousand of the world’s best video editors, moviemakers, photographers, and digital artists descended on Las Vegas for Adobe Max, October 18-20, 2017.  As mentioned in our pre-event blog post, Adobe’s annual customer and product...

Intel At Money20/20: Designing The Future Of Secure Cyber Transactions With Hardware-based Security

Cybersecurity is fundamental to digital commerce; Intel hardware is a ubiquitous ingredient that powers more secure solutions. Today is one of the most exciting times to be at the crossroads of technology and financial services. Leaders in the...

Michelle Chuaprasert

Students at the Intel® HPC Developer Conference

Join Michelle Chuaprasert at “Meet the Experts” on Saturday 5:30-7:30 p.m. at the Intel® HPC Developer Conference. We’ll talk about our on-going support of the student developer community with conferences such as this as well as programs, learning and networking opportunities and more.