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ANN: First new blog post in quite some time, back in Intel Game Development.

Introducing the GAME team at Intel who work with third-party gaming ISVs to use newest Intel HW features, in the nexus between hardware and software.

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New Confidential Computing Solutions Emerge on the Hyperledger Avalon Trusted Compute Framework

The TCF can help blockchain developers deliver solutions with Intel® SGX based trusted access to confidential, off-chain, transaction resources.

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Delivering “One Intel Developer Experience” Online

Published on September 27, 2019By scott-hay

Intel‘s One Developer Experience means a single sign-on, a single program taxonomy, and easy access to valuable content, tools and trusted support.

Chromebook*, the Ideal Ecosystem for Creating Apps

Now that Linux support has officially landed on Chrome* OS, Chromebooks* powered by Intel are evolving into a one-stop solution for SW development.

Transforming Hollywood from Pixels to Voxels, Volumetric Video Drives a Big Opportunity for Developers and Storytellers

Developers in growing markets create immersive digital assets with Intel® technologies. Learn how Intel helps bring volumetric video to life.


Developers Embrace Intel® Optane™ DC Persistent Memory for Web-Scale Data-Centric Solutions

Developers can reap huge performance and capacity gains using non-volatile persistent memory to manage massive datasets at near-DRAM speed.