Jakob Engblom

Product Management Engineer

Jakob Engblom

Jakob Engblom is a product management engineer for the Simics* virtual platform tool. He has worked with simulation and programming tools for the past two decades, with a focus on low-level software, embedded systems, and the Internet of Things. He is looking at how simulation in all forms can be used to improve software and system development, from the smallest IoT nodes to the biggest servers. His professional interests also include multicore and parallel systems, computer architecture, cybersecurity, domain-specific modeling, and programmer productivity. 

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Speaking about Simics and SystemC at DVCon Europe

On October 20, I will be speaking at the Design and Verification Conference and Exhibition Europe 2016 (known as DVCon Europe), presenting a paper titled “Integrating Different Types of Models into a Complete Virtual System – The Simics SystemC*...

Simulating six terabytes of serious RAM

Every once in a while, something interesting just pops out of the Simics* development labs here at Intel. As part of the usual course of development, cool stuff just happens to … well … happen. Here is a recent example of such an event: simulating...

How Wind River uses Simics to test massive IoT networks – and more!

Just like Intel, Wind River has a large internal user base for Wind River Simics*. Simics is a very useful tool for embedded system developers and testers, and Wind River recently published a case study describing some of the internal use of...

Finding a kernel 1-2-3 bug by running Wind River Simics* on Simics

I must admit that I love stories about bugs, strange and unexpected software behaviors, and debugging. They provide comic relief and drama in the supposedly dry world of software development. Some bugs are trivial and embarrassing to talk about...

Swimming in a Sea of Simulators

I recently joined the Intel Software and Services Group, as product manager in the team working on the Wind River Simics* virtual platform system. Before I moved to Intel, I had heard that there was a lot of simulation and virtual platform work...