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Develop Data Center Solutions with a Hardware Foundation of Trust

With the exponential growth of data and data-centric business processes, developers face enormous challenges to make information more secure at scale.  With Intel® Security Libraries for Data Centers (Intel® SecL-DC), developers can take...

Simics® Software Automates “Cyber Grand Challenge” Validation

The US Defense Advanced Projects Agency (DARPA) ran a “Cyber Grand Challenge” in 2016, where automated cyber-attack and cyber-defense systems were pitted against each other to drive progress in autonomous cyber-security....

Ecosystem Support for EEA Trusted Compute Specification v1.0 Improves Blockchain Privacy and Scalability

The Enterprise Ethereum Alliance announced the EEA Trusted Compute Specification v1.0 at Consensus 2019, the annual gathering of the blockchain technology world. Software developers can use the Trusted Compute Spec to...

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Build Faster AI Solutions with the Intel-Optimized ONNX Runtime

At the Microsoft Build 2019 Developer Conference in Seattle, Intel showcased new data-centric products aimed at satisfying the exponential growth in demand for data generation and consumption. That demand drives huge...

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Chromebook Empowers App Developers

With Google rolling out support for Android* and Progressive Web App development, Chromebooks* powered by Intel deliver cost-effective performance and expanded functionality for developing across multiple operating...

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Develop Advanced Analytics Solutions with AI at Scale Using Apache Spark* and Analytics Zoo

Published on April 15, 2019By Ziya M.

More than 90 percent of all data in the world was generated in the past few years—each day, the world creates more than 2.5 quintillion bytes of data, and the pace is accelerating. The need for AI-fused analytics...