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Hardware Security for Black Hat Conference

The Convergence of Cybersecurity and Artificial Intelligence

Cybersecurity threats have been with us since the dawn of the Internet. According to a 2015 article in The Washington Post, Robert Metcalfe, who would later found 3Com, warned the ARPANET Working Group in 1973 that it was far too easy to gain...

CPU Manager, a Beta Feature in Kubernetes for Performance-Sensitive Applications

CPU Manager is a beta feature in Kubernetes, enabling better placement of workloads in the Kubernetes node agent. If your workload faces CPU-intensive challenges, then CPU Manager can provide better performance isolation by allocating...

Big Data Cover Image

A Kerberos-Based Big Data Security Solution

Alibaba improved its Cloud E-MapReduce (EMR) and Cloud HBase user identity information management, with lower maintenance costs, by using a new authentication framework developed by Intel. The Hadoop* Authentication Service (HAS) is a pluggable...

GNU General Public License logo

Extending Rights for Users to Address Open Source Compliance Issues

Intel is proud to join open source community efforts in committing to extend GNU General Public License (GPL) terms and give users the opportunity to correct license compliance issues.

As an active member of the open source...

Simics 20 Years News

The Early Days of Simics – An Interview with Bengt Werner

This is close to the 20th birthday of Simics as a commercial product, and in this blog post we take a look back at what happened before Simics went commercial. The product was officially launched in late June 1998. At that point, the code had been...

Cameras Everywhere

Computer Vision Solutions and Privacy-by-Design

These days cameras are ubiquitous - in our smart phones, our cars, homes, and around our cities. And opportunities for computer vision are endless, extending across robotics, retail, healthcare, transportation, and even sustainable agriculture...