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Los Angeles GEM intro cover

Opportunities for STEM Education Showcased at National GEM Conference, and Beyond

Intel believes the key to solving global challenges lies in providing students a solid foundation in science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) education. I’m proud to work for an organization that provides a wide array of STEM-...

VMworld VMvillage VMworld sign

Showcasing Innovations for Digital Transformation at VMworld

VMworld is VMware’s premier digital infrastructure event. The August 26–30 conference in Las Vegas offered education, training, and insights into current and future digital infrastructure trends. Attendees networked with peers and made new...

Strata New York

Derive Value from Data Analytics & AI at Scale with Open Source Software and Intel® Platform Technologies

Global data center traffic is increasing at a 25% compound annual growth rate according to the Cisco Global Cloud Index. The question is, “How will organizations turn that data deluge into value, for a sustainable competitive advantage, at scale...

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Designing Firmware for an Open World

The adoption of open source has had a significant impact on software development over the past few decades. As those principles influence overall platform design, Intel continues to expand the use of open source in platform firmware...

Analytics Zoo: Unifying Analytics + AI for Apache Spark*

At Intel, we have been working extensively with open source community users and several partners & customers to build deep learning (DL) and AI applications on Apache Spark*.

TPM2 Software Stack Trust cover image

The TPM2 Software Stack: Introducing a Major Open Source Release

Image Credit: Military & Aerospace Electronics, June 6, 2018. A newly completed Trusted Platform Module 2.0 (TPM2) software stack is being introduced, developed to comply with the most recent Trusted Computing Group (TCG) v1.38...