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Product Registration FAQ

Where can I find my serial number?

All Intel® Software Development Products have a unique Intel serial number in the following format:


You do not need a serial number for the free 30-day product evaluation. To find your Intel Software serial number for products you have registered follow these steps. Read more >

Where can I register my Intel® Software Development Products serial number?

Please go to Intel® Registration Center to register your product. The procedure is as follows:

  1. On the registration screen in the Register a Product section, enter your email address in the Email box.
  2. Enter the same email address in the Confirm Email box.
  3. Enter the serial number in the Serial Number box, and then click Register Product.
  4. Follow the instructions on the web page to download and install your product.
  5. After registering, you will receive an email with the product license file and download instructions.

NOTE: This pertains to Intel® Software development products ONLY. For all other Intel products, please go to

What are the Intel password guidelines?
The following are password rules for Intel Single Sign-in: Create a Valid Password.
How can I upgrade to an XE product?

Upgrading a product to the XE product line involves transitioning to a new product name and a new serial number. If your subscription period for the current product is active and is eligible for the upgrade, you should have received a product upgrade notification on the availability of the new product with a link to the product upgrade. You can also download it by following the steps below:

  1. Log in to the Intel Registration Center by entering your login ID and password in the Sign In section of the web page. You will find a list of all products to which you have subscribed on the My Products page.
  2. For the current product, you will see the XE product name displayed in addition to the original product name. Clicking the latest update in the download latest update column leads you to the product upgrade page. Click the product name to upgrade.
  3. To start the download, click the file name to download the package.

Note: If installing using the license file option, the new license file obtained with the product upgrade must be used for successful installation.

If you are upgrading from Intel® Cluster Studio to Intel® Parallel Studio XE Cluster Edition, you can find more details in this article. Read more >

How do I upgrade to the newest release with a currently registered license?

If a new release has been created and the support license you received upon registration has not expired, the new release can be downloaded from the Intel Registration Center site.

  1. Go to: and log in when prompted.
  2. Select the desired product from the list and download the appropriate package.

If your current license has not expired, you do not need a different license file. Your license will be detected by the install and will work with releases created during your support service period.

For more registration information and support options, visit Get Help.

For license renewal information, see Purchasing, Renewing and Upgrading FAQ.

How am I notified of updates for my registered products?

You can change your notification preferences for your products in the Intel Registration Center.

Follow these steps to update your notification preferences.

I can't log in to the Intel® Registration Center. What do I do?

Please follow these instructions to resolve your login issues:

  1. Open the Intel Registration Center page and try to log in using the Sign In button. Make sure that your current language is set correctly and that Caps Lock is disabled.
  2. If you received the error message that your password or login is not correct, try to recover the login ID using the "Forgot Your Login ID?" service. Enter the email address you used during the registration to receive the login ID.
  3. You can then use the “Forgot Your Password?” service to recover the password using the received login ID.
  4. If the above doesn’t help and you are still not able to log in, see the support options at Sign In FAQ.

If you have not registered your product, you may not have an account. Go to the Intel Registration Center and register the serial number and your email address in the Register a Product fields. If you already have an account, your product will be added to it. If you have not created an account yet, complete the form and create an account.

Note that your account can be locked if someone repeatedly fails to log in. Three failed log-in attempts may lock your account for 30 minutes. Also, the account can be disabled if it has not been used for years. Please contact our support service directly to re-enable it.

Who should I contact if I am unable to register my serial number?

If you are unable to register your serial number, see the support options at Get Help.

What do I do if a product I purchased is not showing up on the Intel® Registration Center?

If you have not registered your product yet, please register it with your serial number by following the instructions under "Where can I find my serial number?". You should be able to find your Intel Software Development Products serial number in your purchase order email sent by your reseller. After registration, log in to the Intel Registration Center and you will see the product in your account. If you are prompted that the serial number has already been registered, it is possible that the serial number was registered under another Intel Registration Center account.

If you have registered your product already, please log in to the Intel Registration Center to see whether your product is already in your account.

If your serial number has been registered but the product is not showing up in your account, see the support options at Get Help.

How do I register multiple serial numbers?

To register your product or renewal using a valid email and your serial number, go to the Intel Registration Center.

Enter the first serial number. To register more than one serial number, click Add another serial number and enter the next serial number in the new box. You can repeat the process to add other serial numbers. When you have entered all the required serial numbers, click Register All Products.

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