Firmware Resources for Intel® Architecture

Develop firmware on Intel® platforms with documentation, training, and resources for binary components and source code for platform initialization.

Learn & Develop

Simplify platform initialization and firmware bootstrap operations with this industry-standard interface.

Implement this redistributable binary package for bootloaders to initialize Intel® silicon.

Initialize system hardware with this extended open source firmware platform (GNU* General Public License version 2.0).

Enable automated system testing including input simulation, video capture, and code coverage for UEFI platform firmware.

Learn about a virtualization agent that runs in system management mode (SMM).


Quickly port UEFI firmware for Intel platforms using a scalable open source framework for platform initialization.

Use open source UEFI for platforms based on the Intel Atom® E3900 processor (formerly Apollo Lake SoC) including the UP Squared* board.

Access precompiled UEFI firmware images and open source code for the MinnowBoard MAX* and MinnowBoard Turbot* open hardware platforms.

This flexible, lightweight, open source reference bootloader supports verified boot, measured boot, and secure firmware updates.