• Deliver superior Fortran application performance
  • Get extensive support for the latest Fortran standards
  • Boost Single Instruction Multiple Data (SIMD) vectorization and threading capabilities, including for Intel® Advanced Vector Extensions 512 (Intel® AVX-512) instructions, using the latest OpenMP* parallel programming model
  • Take advantage of Priority Support―connect privately with Intel engineers for technical questions.

If you are looking for better Fortran application performance, the Intel® Fortran Compiler is the industry leader for building high performance applications:

  • Run code significantly faster by taking advantage of the ever-increasing core count and vector register width available in Intel® Xeon® processors, Intel® Xeon Phi™ processors, including the latest Intel AVX-512 instructions.
  • Implement portable code based on standards instead of proprietary.
  • Work with a familiar toolset on your favorite platform. The compiler is source compatible across Windows*, Linux*, and macOS*.

Intel® Fortran is available as a part of Intel® Parallel Studio XE. Try it today for 30 days. You then have the option to convert it to a paid license, which provides Priority Support for one year. Students and classroom educators may qualify for a free version of the suite.

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Priority Support

All paid versions of Intel® Software Development Products automatically include Priority Support for one year from your date of purchase. You get:

  • Direct and private interaction with Intel’s engineers—submit confidential inquiries and code samples
  • Free access to all new product updates and continued access to, and support for, older versions of the product
  • Responsive help with your technical questions and other product needs for both new and older versions
  • Community product forums followed by expert users who cover all Intel Software Development Products
  • Access to a vast library of self-help documents that build on decades of experience with creating high-performance code
  • Extended support at a reduced rate

For more information, see our Purchase FAQ.

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Specifications at a Glance

Processor Intel® processors and compatible processors
Languages Fortran
Development Environments Microsoft Visual Studio* (Windows only) GNU tool chain (Linux and macOS)
Fortran Standard Support Fortran 2003, Fortran 2008, and substantial Fortran 2018 support
More Details
Operating Systems Windows, Linux, and macOS

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