Get Started Guides

Intel® Parallel Studio XE getting started guides are installed along with the product at following locations:

  • Windows*: [install-dir]\documentation_2017\en\ps2017
  • Linux*: [install-dir]/documentation_2017/en/ps2017
  • macOS*: [install-dir]/documentation_2017/en/ps2017

Advanced Videos


These tutorials work with the supplied sample code to demonstrate important features in this release and can be found on Intel® Software Documentation Library repository.

Using Auto Vectorization: This tutorial demonstrates how you can improve the performance of the sample project by using the auto-vectorization feature.

Using the Intel® Xeon Phi™ Coprocessor: This tutorial shows you how to compile the source code into an application that runs on both the host and target. The code counts the number of targets and has sections that are defined to run on both the host and target.