What extra skills required?

What extra skills required?

I am familiar with c/c++ coding ,system programming..including threads(pthread.h),semaphores
I have done decent programming on SPOJ and other sites.

In which direction ,Should i think .in order to solve the problem
do i have to execute different instances of recursion as individual threads. if yes how many maximum threads are allowed.?
i have seen some TBB code samples...it contains headers files not in ANSI C ,so in order to solve these problems, do i need those header files.?

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Which indeed? These are general concurrency questiosn.

A good reference for these (apart from the web) is Clay Breshear's 'The Art of Concurrency' book.

I am also a c++ guy.
Is it beneficial to use intel tools rather than going with traditional approach.
will there be any adavantage of using those?
If yes, where I can find their documentation?

I say we go pthreads!

Just watch out for the segment violations (use mutex and detach wisely)

This is what I did to prevent those dreadful segment violations (pthreads - which forms the basis for boost as well as Intel's building blocks...):

You have to specify that each thread that you create and will join, has the the attribute of being joinable:


You might also consider passing this attribute (tattr) on to each of the threads that you intend to join:

pthread_create(&threadid, &tattr, (void *)function_to_run, (void *)(struct_of_parameters));

and then you join it...

pthread_join( threadid, NULL );

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