judging environment clarification

judging environment clarification

Couple of questions:1) The linked PDF claims that the judging environment will be a 40-core Windows Server 2008 machine, but when I signed up for the MTL account it came in as Linux. Did I get the wrong account, or is the judging environment linux?2) When the program is submitted, I assume source is submitted for compilation and execution by the judges. Will the environment in which the judged build be the same as that which is found in the MTL account?Thanksjohn

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The Description of the Intel Manycore Testing Lab PDF is 2 pages, second page describes the Linux environment. So, there is both Windows and Linux environment.

Using the Intel Manycore Testing Lab is optional for participants, but the judges will be using the Manycore Testing Lab to run the entry codes submitted.If you use the Manycore Testing Lab to test your code on, it will be the same as the judges use.

If you have questions regardng the Intel Manycore Testing Lab, you can find the forum link referenced in the Main Contest Forum.

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