How to install the V4L driver on Yocto with out bitbake?

How to install the V4L driver on Yocto with out bitbake?

Dear Intel engineers I want to install the V4L driver on Yocto,so that I can use a usb camera.Then,I found a thread about this, but it is also a bitbake solution... I know Yocto isfor embedded design. Andbitbake is also a very advanced solutions.But for us, it cost too much time.We can`t get it beacuse of the bad net environment. So,I want to know is there a fast methodto install the V4L driver? The driver codes for the board of esdc? KO file? or? Thanks!

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By default I think the v4l driver has been built-in the Yocto linux kernel according the code( if you're using the prebuilt yocto imgae, the v4l driver should be available?---BTW, in case you need to build your own image by yourself, please see for how to build a yocto image (that includes the yocto kernek/module).After you download the related poky source codes(, poky-src-to-build-yocot-linux.rar/System building tool), you shouldn't need to downloaded any extra package besides the poky-src-to-build-yocot-linux.rar, if you follow the README.

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