How can I optimize the image ?

How can I optimize the image ?

It seems like the orginial image built from Denzil & the newest version of meta-esdc2012 gets a high size (sato >500mb). I have already got demo packages. Demo SATO got only ~170mb but it worked very well. Maybe this relates to the BSP guide but it has a little information for a newbie to understand overall how to do it perfectly.

I have some questions to ask you Decui :D Pls help me
1. Denzil probably downloads more packages than Edison. There are a lot of packages in denzil/meta that don't exist in Edison. Can i delete some unnecessary packages directly or do it need configured in some files more ?
2. I have read ADT documentation and I did a sample program "HelloWorld" that played in QEMUx86. But exactly what i need is a embedded package that includes in the image bitbaking, for example a built program from Eclipse. There is no specific guide for this. I think a video for a sample program for this is the best way to learn

Thank you

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1)You can't directly delete some recipes from denzil/meta. since you're using denzil, you can use the hob GUI tool to do image customization.
Please see the links for more information:
2)Do you mean the ADT?More information about ADT can be found at

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