The name of serial port under yocto is ttyPCIH0?

The name of serial port under yocto is ttyPCIH0?

Hi, I want to make a communication with serinal port. And I found just ttyPCIH1 works correctly...and if you use ttyPCHI0,then the thread you used to operate ttyPCHI0 will be blocked forever...Is pchi0 can`t be used?And BTW,build a yocto img or package(rpm) will cost a lot of time(about 9 hours and 50GB free space), is there a easy way to install someting to yocto directly? Such a chinese font or a lib?Thanks~

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They should be /dev/ttyPCH0 and/dev/ttyPCH1. Both should work fine.Your first build takes 9 hours because you need to fetch many packages' soure code.After the first build, set the DL_DIR in conf/local.conf to the same directory containing the packages you've downloaded and you'll find it only needs 1~2 hours to build a sato image.Once you build a sato image, you only need 10~20 minutes to generate a new image for any change you make, because yocto can support incremental building well.You can simply copy a 32-bit library into yocto and at the most time it would work.If it doesn't work, it's mostly because the related libraries' versions are mismatched.For Chinese font support, see

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