Why does the board appear the black screen when i install yocto?

Why does the board appear the black screen when i install yocto?

Mr lu:
I install yocto from a usb disk which is a boot disk to another usb disk as a system disk ,when i select the install button, the screen is totally black.I know i should change the syslinux.cfg file,but i change it.For example KERNEL /vmlinuz
APPEND initrd=/initrd LABEL=install root=/dev/sdb vga=0x312

It can't also work. what do i do with it?

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Hi, You can not change syslinux.cfg'sroot=/dev/ram0.

Let me list the correct steps:

0) please note: Yocto doesn't support
"install from USB disk to another USB disk". To install Yocto Linux
into USB disk, we simply run dd to write the .hddimg file into the USB disk.

1) attach a SATA disk into the board, power
on the board, and boot the board with USB disk that was made by running dd.

2) Press the Tab key quickly when we see the
"boot:" prompt of ths syslinux bootloader, and we'll see 2 options:
"boot install". enter install and press the Enter key and we'll
see the kernel starts to bootup and a text-mode installer will run. It'll help to
perform the actual installation work.

installer will erase all data in the SATA disk! Please save the data in
the SATA disk properly before the installation!

i install yocto to sata disk by following step:

sudo dd if=core-image-sato-sdk-esdc2012-20120314114151.hddimg of=/dev/sdb

/dev/sdb is where my sata disk locates

i startup from my sata disk ,the yocto works all right except when i want to copy some libfile to /usr/lib

it says : No space left on device

why is that?

my sata disk is 160G and i am sure there's enough space

so ,is it the rigth way that i installed yocto to my sata disk?


Well I have write img to USB disk using USB-HDD mode, and I can boot correctly but whenever I select install option I got a black screen.I have already connected the SATA harddisk.I don't known why?

Can you please enable the serial (see http://software.intel.com/en-us/forums/showthread.php?t=104036)and check if there is any error message in the serial?

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