Galileo question

Galileo question


    on the Arduino IDE, I  call  digitalWrite(7,HIGH),  it  take  2.2 ms,   I want to know why it spend so much time;



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As far as I know, it is not the direct I/O. the signal is bypassing via I2C bus.

BTW: how do you measure the 2.2 ms ?

this is my measure code       void setup() {  pinMode(7, OUTPUT);}    void loop() {  digitalWrite(7,LOW);   digitalWrite(7,HIGH);}

I use  oscilloscope to measure this pin.  this pin's state spend 2.2ms change a time 

It is really a little slow for I/O. especially for real-time control.

how can I use the I/O as deirect I/O? 


can we change the I/O speed by setting the GPIO bus?    

I don't find the GPIO bus in the datasheet

help me


you can try to set GPIO in the Linux kernel to see if it is still so slow.

Yeah look into linux kernal and try to direct control GPIO

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