Problems with the huawei 3G module

Problems with the huawei 3G module

We have several problems making functioning the 3G module, we download the drivers from and for the 3G module they are 3 folders, part 1 and part2 are the same application and resolve code error number 10: Can not find the port

The third folder has a program to choose the mobile phone carrier but characters don’t seem to have any sense. The language don’t seem to be the problem since English and Chinese languages display the same characters.

Huawei page don’t have a driver version for this module ( The Firmware Upgrade Guide on Windows only explain success procedures. We are using Windows 8.1 as Operating System.

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Please confirm the 3G module you have used is HUAWEI EM730 as the attachment showed, and the driver is also included in the attachment.


Now I get it all, first I was thinking that it could be integrated in the board or integrated in the wireless N-135 now I realize that I have to take off the wireless module and buy a Huawei module to put it on. I think it was all my mistake, but thanks for the answer. SIM port makes me think it was included in the board u.u

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