Problem about opencl

Problem about opencl

I tried recent intel opencl sdk on baytrail, but it can only recognize the CPU instead of GPU. Then I tried beignet using "helloworld" of opencl on baytrail, still not working, showing that: ASSERTION FAILED: findpcm && "Could not find pre compiled module library.\n" at .....beignet/backend/src/backend/program.cpp  buildModuleFromSource...     Trace/breakpoint trap 

anybody can give some advices or instructions about opencl using valleyview GPU?

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Did you install beignet to your system directory by using 'make install'.


ZHIGANG G. (Intel) wrote:

Did you install beignet to your system directory by using 'make install'.

No, i use other's compiled things, compiled on arch on baytrail. while i am making beignet on baytrail on ubuntu 14, i faced such problem:

[9%]Generating ../../src/kernels/cl_intelnal_built_in_kernel_str.c

Segmentation fault(core dumped)

src/CMakefiles/cl.dir/build.make:209: recipe for target '../src/kernels/cl_internal_built_in_kernel_str.c' failed

make[2]: *** [../src/kernels/cl_intelnal_built_in_kernel_str.c] error139

CMakeFiles/Makefile2:297:recipe fot target 'src/CMakeFiles/cl.dir/all' failed

make[1] *** [CMakeFiles/cl.dir/all] Error 2

I upgrade all the softs but no result. by the way , google doesn't help neither.

thansk for advice.

No matter which distro you are using, you need to install beignet to your system directory. You just need to execute:
sudo make install
after you build beignet.

And you need to make sure the LLVM/clang you are using is clang/llvm 3.3. Other version may be broken.

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