ICC for the development board?

ICC for the development board?

Dear All,

  I was planning to use the intel compiler for icc, and get a intel parallel xe suite installed on my host. I read the tutorial pdf and encounter some problems when trying to use icc to compile my source code.

  1. the eclipse keep reporting error "icc -command not found", however I have already run "source /opt/intel/bin/compilervars.sh intel64" and then launch "eclipse" from command line in the same terminal. I even try to write "source /opt/intel/bin/compilervars.sh intel64" in my .bashrc, but the eclipse still fail to recognize icc as a command. (I've already install those intel parallel XE eclipse plugins)

  2. In those pdf, it asks us to replace "i586-xxx-xxx-gcc" into "icc -platform=yl13". However, both these are for 32bit architecture, and as far as i understand, the CPU on development board this year is E3825 which is in 64bit.

  Also, in the intel parallel XE provided by intel, there is no yl13.env file found, this file is only found in the intel system studio evaluation version I have download as free trail, and the yl13 is for yocto 1.3.x version, but we are using yocto 1.4 this t

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If you are building your code for Yocto, you need to use Intel System Studio, instead of Parallel XE. For Intel System Studio, both yocto 1.3 and 1.4 are supported, for 1.4, it does not need the ".env" file.

Intel System Studio: embedded usage, installed on a HOST (windows, Linux), build code for a TARGET (embedded Linux, like Yocto).

Intel Parallel Studio XE: "native" usage, installed on a machine (windows, Linux), build code to run on the SAME machine.



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