Good Luck to the 2014 Challengers

Good Luck to the 2014 Challengers

I’m old enough to remember Pong... the original one… when it was new. That's old. Growing up, I didn’t ever quite have the opportunity that people do now, gaming was too new to have a school or a somewhat easy-to-acquire toolset. Growing up, I was always an immense fan of games and game development, without ever getting the chance to be a game developer. So I was delighted when Geeta Games asked me to help them make Lilly Looking Through. It was the highlight of my career, working as a Technical Artist on that project, and I thought it couldn't get any better than that... what sweetened that deal all the more was the 2013 Intel Level Up Challenge: I got to go to PAX Prime, our game received important exposure, we met influential people in the industry, and a great time was had by all. I can’t thank Mitch, Intel, and the judges enough for helping to fulfill a lifelong dream.

Good luck to everybody entering the 2014 Intel Level Up Challenge, both in the contest and in their careers.


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I'm glad you an the team at Geeta submitted last year - Lilly is such a great game, and in particular, kudos to you, because I LOVE the art style in it.  Hopefully your story helped inspire people who are on the fence about submitting!


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