2 in 1 Features.

2 in 1 Features.

I am very interested in entering this year's contest. One question though, what types of All in 1 features usage are judges looking for?

I found this page, but are there any other features that are unique to 2 in 1s?



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Hi. I never got an answer on this. Can someone from Intel please clarify what some of the two in one features are? 


I was out of the office for a few days.  The idea of a "2 in 1" system is it's a traditional laptop PC like you're used AND a tablet when you want it.  We're leaning the scoring pretty heavily to game demos (term used loosely) that can provide a compelling and innovative experience that shows off well in either mode. Here's some examples of the kinds of things we're looking for:


  • Game changes the UI seamlessly when switching from laptop/clamshell mode into tablet mode.  This can be done by sensing the date change automatically, or manually via player input

    • This could be something as simple as when you switch modes some touch icons are triggered
    • When you touch the screen it asks if you want to go into "tablet" mode
  • Ability to have a fully playable experience in both clamshell/laptop as well as tablet modes.  So this means when in the tablet mode you can play the entire game via touch input at a minimum.
  • Use of sensors - accelerometer/gyro as part of the gaming experience

Does that answer your question? 


Hi Mitchell! Yes that helps  a lot. I'm using Unity3d. Do you have a link to how to integrate intel's libraries or how to interface with the touchscreen when using Unity? I've been looking around the site, but any info you have would be awesome. 

I've sent a note to our engineers, including the one that works with Unity :)  Hopefully they'll get a response to you fairly quick.



Hi Marvin

Adding multitouch to Unity in Windows is not difficult, you just need to jump through a few code hoops to get there.  I did 2 blogs on this last year, here are the links:

More than you want to know about setting up a dll plugin for Unity to handle multi touch input can be found here http://software.intel.com/en-us/blogs/2012/11/07/adding-multi-touch-support-in-unity-windows-apps


And the source for the plugin, including an example are here https://software.intel.com/en-us/blogs/2013/05/01/the-unity-multi-touch-source-finally

I hope these help, quite a few people are using the plugin already.




Thank  you Steve! Super informative! Just wanted to ask. Does this only work with Unity pro? I keep reading things about Unity pro being required for DLL pluggins. Thank you for your help. This looks really cool. 

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