Gamepad Support?

Gamepad Support?

My prototype is best played with a gamepad. Will the judges have access to gamepads or will the prototype be played only with touchscreen and keyboard controls?


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We strongly prefer touch input, but if your game prefers gamepad input, all the internal screeners and judges will have them.  I would strongly suggest if your demo is best experienced with a game pad, to put some note on the start up screen to that effect. 


Thanks Mitch,

I have been looking at cool ways to use the touch input that showcase the benefits of the 2 in 1 (i.e. equipping weapons, zooming in and out of the map) but the gameplay hasn't been built with touch controls in mind so it's difficult to switch it up now.
I will definitely put a note like that up first thing in game as you suggested. Thanks!


I'm very realistic that a great experience is not when someone shoehorns a feature into a platform for a contest.  My hope is that it does cause game developers to think about it, if not for this season, then for next or for future games in general, since laptops/Ultrabooks with touch are becoming more and more prevalent AND it makes having a similar experience between a tablet release and more traditional "PC" release more seamless.  Looking forward to seeing your and all the other entries!


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