Deadline - Monday Midnight (June 2, Pacific time)

Deadline - Monday Midnight (June 2, Pacific time)

Don't forget, the deadline for submitting your entry is coming up quick!  We're inside a week, and so far there are about 50 entries.  If past contests are any indication we'll get about 75% of the entries in the last few days.  However, don't delay submitting your entry, as I don't download from the download links that you provide until the contest closes, so you CAN still tweak up until the deadline.

I'll try to monitor the forums a few times a day and through the weekend, so if you've got a question, post it up and I'll try for a sub-24 hour response time.

Good luck everyone!  I can't wait to see what you've all submitted!


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Hi Mitchell,

I submitted my entry at the last minute and forgot to test the audio without headphones and am getting some heavy distortion on some sound fx through laptop speakers. I know the deadline has passed (it is the 3rd here in Australia). I assume that I can't update my zip file with a fix to at this stage? I don't want to break the rules...

Are all files downloaded by Intel on the 2nd, not sure what the rules on last minute fixes are?





Deadline is technically still 6 hours away, so feel free to update the file at your download link.  I appreciate you asking.

FYI, for those searching for info on a deadline extension, see forthcoming post.


Thanks, I just realised the time zone difference. Can I just reupdate my dropbox contents, or do I have to submit another entry form on the website?

Just update teh content at your Dropbox, no need to submit another entry form!  That's the beauty of submitting early :)




I had noticed that my entry email states: "If you wish to update your entry, please submit a new form with the updated entry information. When the team aggregates the submissions, they will sort first by your username then take your most recent submission"

But if you say it is ok to just update my Dropbox, then that is what I will do. Just noticed the deadline has been extended a day, so I may as well do a few more tweaks :)

Just had one more question for you Mitchell, if you don't mind me asking.

My game is written using a HTML5 framework and running under Node Webkit. This requires the dxwebsetup.exe to be run if it is not up to date to get hardware acceleration otherwise it has very low fps. Do I have to bundle it into an installer with my main exe or can I just have it included in my zip file with a read me(in case it needs to be run). Currently my main exe doesn't need an installer.

Not sure if the judges expect to have to do anything to get a game running or if it is just expected to run straight off. And does this effect the judgement?



I would recommend bundling with a read-me to ensure the Intel screeners and judges know how it should be set-up and installed properly.

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