Questions around "for sale"

Questions around "for sale"

We've had some questions around the "not for sale at time of submission" in the contest rules.  So I'll clarify a few things about what this means:

  • Not for sale on PC.  It's okay if you're selling some other version of the game on Google Play or iOS, but the PC version of your game/demo can't be for sale.  The reason for this is the contest is primarily about inspiring game devs to try new and innovative things on 2-in-1 PC's.  If the game is already shipped, winning becomes primarily about marketing (which we LOVE to help the winners with)
  • Early Access programs - I checked with our legal folks before weighing in.  Basically "for sale on PC" means does a customer exchange money or goods for access to the game/demo"?  Early Access falls into the definition of "for sale".  As this becomes more and more popular for game developers to release early builds to supporters, I'll review how we can make Early Access types of games fall within the contest bounds for future years, but for now, they are unfortunately not able to be included.
    • If you DO have an Early Access game and are disappointed that it can't be included, please DO let me know.  I like to be able to take real developer feedback (with names and examples) to management in order to strengthen our case.



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