Multitouch and Unity

Multitouch and Unity

Hi Mitchell,

We're using Unity for our game and we're trying to activate multitouch.  

Unity does not provide multitouch for Windows out of the box and it's only possible by adding a plugin, like this example you mentioned in another thread

The problem is that you need Unity PRO to add a plugin, which we don't have.

Do you know if there is another way to add multitouch to a Windows game made with Unity?





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Great questions for our engineers...and unfortunately it's the weekend.  Will your game demo work without multitouch?


Damn... I guess my game's going to be dealing with the same issues then and hence not showcasing the 2-in-1 mouse and/or touch combo.

I just assumed that multi-touch would work on any device that had it. A friend of mine had a Windows Surface Pro 2 machine where touching worked like a charm... although now that I think about it, that was all single touch (i.e. touch = mouse click)... Hmmm... Oh well... At least it works fine for Mouse and/or Touch combo when I connect a Bluetooth mouse to my iPad and Android. :)


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