2014 Contest - quick stats

2014 Contest - quick stats

There were over 150 submissions to the contest this year!  WOOHOO!!!  They broke down by genre like this:


Adventure/Role Playing




I've followed everyone's download links, contacted a few that I had some questions on, and will be installing and getting the internal screeners lined up!  Lots of AWESOME looking games were submitted.  You have all seriously raised the bar on this competition over the last few years, and I'm very proud to be a part of it, and honored that you have taken the time to submit!




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I hope we'll get news tidbits like this constantly, it's interesting to see what will come out of this.



I'm planning on giving little reports on progress.  Last week after I downloaded all the binaries/executables/installers, our lab installed them onto some brand new machines (Lenovo Yoga 2 Pro), which are pretty sweet.  This week we'll do the screening, then on to the judges!


Already a winner and finalists?

UP ---- sorry, confused the month)))))


Thanks for asking about the status.  Last week I shipped the systems for the judges to score.  Not every judge looks at every game - our internal screeners narrowed down to the "Top 5" in each genre, then each judge is doing 3 genres (for a total of 4 judges looking at each of the "Top 5").  We should have results in about a month, then winners will get notified, and once everything is official, we'll have an announcement right before PAX Prime.


Teaser - scores from the judges are in...collating them now :)

Good news!

But not for me))).... tested my demo on a laptop (1366x768) .... does not work.
Tests on devices with a resolution of 1440x900; 1600x900; 1920x1080.
Missed equating variable. ha
Good luck to all the other participants!

End the winner is...

The devs don't know who the winner is yet, but I know it sure won't be me.


Okay, it's been over two weeks since the last post. Any updates?

Shooting to be able to have a public  and official announcement next Monday Aug 25.  For those of you who will be at PAX Prime, 7 of the 9 winning teams will be showing their game demos in the Intel booth!


Hi Mitchell,

any news about the winners? It's been a while....

Our game will be showcased at PAX at the booth from OUYA. Are you going to annouce the winners at PAX (29 Aug)?

As posted above, the announcement will happen next Monday (I'll put a link here) and we'll have some of the winning teams in the Intel booth at PAX.

I guess I'll be explicit so people aren't trying to read into anything too much.  The winners have been selected and notified, and we've been working with them for the past few weeks to get all their paperwork done, and everything ready for the official announcements and PAX Prime presence.  There were a lot of great submissions and I'm sad there can only be a max of 10 winning teams (due to format).  I am hoping to find ways to meet with and hear from all the contest participants.  We've got upcoming event presences in Seattle (Unite), London, Stockholm, Melbourne and Sao Paolo


Well at least I know that I tried and failed.

Time to make a better game.

Ouch! That means we were not selected ... I was so sure we would win, we had a great game ... Well, probably everyone thought that way :-)

Anyway, now that we know, we'll jump into Greenlight and Indiegogo. Here is our game: http://amnesiagames.cl/games_joan_sword.php

Thanks for the information Mitchell.

Ahhh, well, I already assumed I wasn't going to win anything with my silly little game, but it was a good motivation to try and submit something.

It turns out in this time I managed to finish it and I published a web and android version of it.

You can try it here: http://croquetasoft.itch.io/melvins-incredible-voyage and here: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.crocanti.melon

I'm looking forward to seeing what the winners did!

I'm glad to see that you guys are continuing to work on your games!

Eduardo - did you see our announcements around native x86 Support for Android in Unity? www.intel.com/software/unity


I didn't! That is quite amazing, good job guys!

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