2015 Intel Level Up Game Dev Contest - off and running!

2015 Intel Level Up Game Dev Contest - off and running!

Happy to be kicking off another season of the Intel Level Up Game Dev Contest live here at the Game Developers Conference in San Francisco.  If you are at GDC, please swing by the Intel Hangout in the mez level of the Moscone South Lobby!  I would love to say hello!

As always, http://software.intel.com/levelup takes you to the official contest site!  


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How to join with this?

Hello Diko!

Click on the link above (and here) http://software.intel.com/levelup - read the contest terms and conditions, then click on the "submit" button to submit your game demo.  Let me know if you've got an specific questions.


Hi Mitchell,

I notice that Italy is excluded by the contest. Probably is because of the old legislation which made the bureaucracy costs too expensive. By the way the current legislation has changed, so now is much easier to open also to Italy this kind of contests.

Can you help me to fix that? Please, I know many talented devs in Italy, the contest will surely be interesting for them.


Paolo Gambardella


Thanks for this information.  I'll be sure to address it with our legal folks, who again have committed to review the countries that aren't on the list that are getting the most interest.  We can't change the T&C's for the contest this year as I'm a strong believer that once we set the rules you shouldn't change to game mid-contest.  But we will for sure look at this next year.

One option is to consider if you have a teammate working on the game with you who lives in an eligible country, to have that team member be the one who submits on behalf of the team.


hey Mitchell,

thank you for your fast answer. Can you please pass me a contact of your "legal folks"? I mean, this is not change any rule, is simply to open to another country with the same rules, I am almost sure you can do it, and even the brand you work for will have a benefit. In fact the italian gamedev community is now talking about this, that will be a huge step with a little small effort (just check the new italian legislation and open the contest to our country).

Thank you for your patience, hope to get this fixed soon! :)

Paolo Gambardella

Hi Paolo,

I've pointed our legal folks to this thread to take a look at.  I'll continue to be your advocate and the voice of the indie dev into Intel.  


thank you so much! I will comunicate this to the Italian community (we have a Facebook group and there is a flame about Intel hahaha!)

thank you again Mitchell!

hope to have some good news


Hi Mitchell,

i am turning 14 this May.. can i still join the contest??



Let me check into this.  Are you in the US?  Would your parents be willing/able to sign an affidavit on your behalf?  


Philippines :D

You should be good to go once your parents are on board.  Should you be a contest winner they'll need to sign off for the prizing and such.

Best of luck!


Per contest rules:

You must speak, read and understand English and you must be aged 18 years or over or you must obtain the consent of your parents or legal guardian before you participate in the contest. 

Oh no, Indonesia is not in Competition List :(

Ryan - your :( will be captured in my end of contest feedback.


Hi Ahmed,

Level Up 2015 wrapped up for submissions back in June, but we're in the planning process for 2016.  Typically we announce and open for submissions at GDC and stay open to submissions for about 10 weeks.  Winners have historically been announced right before PAX Prime in Seattle with some of the winners attending and being part of our booth.


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