Couldn't Caribbean islands be included in the competition? (Namely Jamaica)

Couldn't Caribbean islands be included in the competition? (Namely Jamaica)

I'm from Jamaica and I was disappointed to see that my country was not included in the list of eligible countries. However, many of us have entered various competitions worldwide including the Imagine Cup, in which our country (comprised of students from a local university) placed first for many years in a row.

I think it would be advantageous to expand the list of accepted countries and I see no reason why we wouldn't be able to enter. 

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I would love to expand the list of countries, and each year we evaluate the requests to see what can be done.  Unfortunately, the list of countries that are included for 2015 is set and we can't can't change the Contest Terms and Conditions mid-contest.  I'll make sure your voice is heard when we start evaluation for next year!

And it's not to say that you can't engage with Intel at all, just because our Level Up contest isn't available in Jamaica.  We've got a bunch of online resources available.  Do you ever come to the states for events like GDC, SIGGRAPH, E3, or PAX Prime?



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