Question about demo for awarded entries

Question about demo for awarded entries

Hi there!

We had a question about what happens to the demos we send when we submit. It seems like if we get selected for an award, the demo will be circulated as part of marketing materials which is great for most games however, we'd really like to limit our demo until after we release so we don't have issues of spoilers. Do we as entries get any say as to when and how our demos are distributed to the public? Thanks in advance! 

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I live by mantra "do what's good for the game developers".  In past years many of the winners had updated builds to put onto the Steam Demos page - so of course we wanted  the best and most improved / up to date build to get on Steam.  Last year some of the winners requested to defer putting their demo up until closer to launch - I respect that.  What we will need is at least to be able to have screen shots and/or a trailer with some descriptions when we put together the Hall of Glory (  Strictly speaking, we let you determine the best time for your playable demo to be shown.



Awesome! Thanks so much! 

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